One On One Coaching

Offering 1:1 face to face or online coaching programs that are tailored just for you and will help you to gain confidence and clarity in a broad range of areas where you communicate.

  • Discover practical tips for managing your nerves, avoiding brain freezes and looking and feeling more confident.
  • Prepare and rehearse for a presentation, pitch, marketing campaign, public speaking contest or wedding speech
  • Practice strategies and structures for effectively communicating on your feet in meetings, at Q&A sessions, and at job interviews.
  • Learn how to overcome your fears about networking and to authentically and confidently approach strangers.
  • Discover essential tips for effective communication on camera that will keep your online audiences engaged.
  • Develop strategies for communicating with difficult colleagues or customers.
  • Use your voice and body language to engage and influence audiences.
  • Develop skills on how to give feedback constructively.
  • Acquire skills and attributes of an effective and entertaining MC.

Real Time Presentation 1 on 1 Coaching package

Get 'Real time' support for your workshop, presentation or webinar.

This includes 4 x one-hour sessions to:

  • plan, design and structure your workshop, presentation or webinar
  • rehearse your delivery and audience engagement
  • practice strategies for managing your nerves so you communicate with more confidence, clarity & credibility

Invite me to your face to face or online event for up to 2 hours to provide you with:

  • Support on the day of your event to manage nerves and help you focus
  • Observation at the event to examine the effectiveness of your design, delivery and engagement with your audience
  • Half hour zoom session to give detailed personalised feedback about your strengths and areas for improvement with tips and strategies on how to improve for your next event.


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