Do you want to speak confidently, whenever and wherever you communicate?


Would you like to conquer your fear of public speaking, feel empowered when communicating, and impress personal and professional audiences?

You might find yourself going blank or having a brain freeze when delivering a presentation or when under pressure to answer a question.

Perhaps you feel so nervous that you can’t think clearly, your voice gets shaky, or you lose sleep about the thought of expressing your ideas or selling yourself.

Have you missed out on opportunities because you don’t have the confidence to speak up or you are worried about your credibility if things go wrong?

It doesn’t have to be this way. You deserve to be heard.

Kerry, your complete communication coach, will help you feel more comfortable and confident communicating; you will have more chance of getting your dream job, maintaining your credibility, and progressing in your career.

my aim

If you know how to manage your fears, you will remove the angst and trepidation each time you have to speak allowing you to communicate with clarity.

If you look and feel more confident you will have the ability to engage audiences, so they can’t help but sit up and listen to you.

End your doubts and fears about public speaking by booking a 1 on 1 session, a group training  workshop or a public speaking coaching group, either online and/or face to face.

Unlike other coaches, your complete communication coach will work personally or in-house with you, tailoring specific techniques and training for you and/or your organisation.

Listening carefully to your individual needs, a personalised program will be designed especially for you.

Walk away with increased confidence and clarity together with an extensive toolkit of strategies that you can use whenever and wherever you communicate.

What’s your story?


Why don’t you feel confident and prepared for your work or conference presentation?


Why do you find it difficult to express your ideas confidently in meetings or initiate conversations at networking events?


Why do you struggle to sell yourself and present confidently at job interviews?


Why are you so nervous about presenting a toast or speech for a special occasion at work or socially?

  Based in Adelaide South Australia, your complete communication coach is available face to face or online nationally and globally.
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What People Are Saying


National conference speaker 

"Kerry coached me in the lead up to my conference presentation and absolutely knows her business. It was a great relief to put myself in her hands.. As well as tips on body language, voice quality and connecting with the audience, Kerry also coached me on managing my fears and the actual content of my presentation resulting in a complete reworking of the flow. I believe this is why it ended up having the wow factor with my audience.

Kerry's enthusiasm and love for public speaking and communication is infectious and creates a sense of trust and self-belief. Her years of experience and great success in public speaking  make her an invaluable advisor who knows exactly how to capture an audience and how to deliver a message powerfully."


Community Engagement Officer Headspace

"Kerry provided a comprehensive, flexible and engaging program. She identified the confidence level of each individual and modified and tailored  the content to suit. It was extremely valuable for improving the confidence of our local Youth Reference Group.

This program has empowered and equipped our young people to seek opportunities in our community to showcase their new skills. Of particular importance they were able to share stories and talk about topics that are meaningful and relevant to them personally. There were lots of opportunities to practice and receive immediate constructive feedback throughout the session.

The workshop was inclusive of all participants, and with a background of working with people with a disability she was aware of the needs of participants and able to respond accordingly."


Lions youth of the year contestant

"Kerry is an absolutely brilliant communication coach. I learnt so much during our sessions, and loved the opportunity to soak up a wealth of helpful hints, tips and techniques I'd never even thought of. She is friendly, clear, encouraging, supportive, and taught me so much in a short amount of time.

​I had hands-on practise delivering my speech and answering impromptu questions with Kerry. She was able to determine exactly where I could improve and walked me through these areas.

​I achieved first place at my Lions Youth of the Year final, which involved an interview, impromptu questions and a speech, but more importantly, gained new knowledge and a tool belt of new skills that I continue to draw upon. I can't recommend Kerry highly enough!"

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