What’s your story?

Why don’t you feel confident and prepared for your work or conference presentation?


  • In the past you may have communicated in front of peers and received negative feedback.
  • This may have caused you to question your value or credibility
  • You may think you can't do it and feel terrified about the prospect of speaking in front of others.
  • You may think that you have nothing unique and worthwhile to share.


  • The past need not dictate the future!
  • Everyone has worthwhile stories, ideas and experiences to share.
  • I will help you to recognise your unique talents.
  • I will teach you the tools and strategies you need to prepare and present confidently and persuasively.
  • I will teach you how to manage your fears and doubts.

Why do you find it difficult to express your ideas confidently in meetings or initiate conversations at networking events?

Here’s why

  • You may have attended meetings or events where you attempted to provide input and you were shutdown, ignored or ridiculed, or you may have found it difficult to answer a question on the spot
  • This may have impacted on your confidence to contribute or made you feel stupid or undervalued.
  • You may find it easier to sit quietly and let others do the talking or take credit for your ideas.


  • The past need not dictate what happens at future meetings or events.
  • I will teach you how to confidently communicate and freely express your opinions and make conversation.
  • I will teach you how to think and communicate on your feet so you can impress audiences, confidently answer questions and sell yourself and your ideas.

Why do you struggle to sell yourself and present confidently at job interviews?


  • In the past you may not have won jobs that you have applied for.
  • You may have been so nervous that you went blank
  • You may have appeared unconfident to your interview panel
  • You knew what you wanted to say but you could not articulate it logically or clearly


  • The past need not dictate what happens when you apply for future jobs
  • I can teach you strategies for controlling your nerves and managing under pressure
  • I can teach you tools and strategies for tackling impromptu questions
  • You will be better equipped to look and feel more confident at your next interview.

Why are you so nervous about presenting a toast or speech for a special occasion at work or socially?


  • In the past you may have been put on the spot to present a toast for a colleague and you didn't feel prepared
  • In the past you may have gone blank when delivering a speech at a friend's wedding and no one laughed at your jokes.
  • You may be worried that you can't prepare and deliver a speech for friends, family or colleagues that is good enough.


  • The past need not dictate what happens in future speeches.
  • I can teach you structures or frameworks that you can follow if you are asked to deliver a toast at short notice.
  • I can teach you strategies for managing your nerves.
  • You'll be able to present an entertaining speech that is heartfelt, memorable and worthy of the special occasion.
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