Group Workshops

Kerry leading a workshop with attendees sitting around a table

“Confident and engaging presentations" 

Full day practical workshop

  • Learn easy to apply strategies for managing fear of public speaking
  • Strategies to help you look and sound like the professional that you are.
  • Techniques for structuring your presentation that is easy for you to remember, without reliance on notes
  • Strategies for engaging with audiences, inspiring them to sit up and listen 
  • Deliver a pre-prepared presentation.
  • Receive expert feedback on your strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Walk away with practical and life-long tools for presenting in a more confident, engaging, and influential way.

"Communicating technical presentations that matter to audiences outside your field"

Full day practical workshop 

  • Tailor your communication so it is easily understood and relevant for any audience.
  • Synthesise years of research or project work into a short easy to digest presentation.
  • Identify the key questions you should ask yourself when preparing and delivering a technical presentation.
  • Make complex topics understandable for general audiences.
  • Deliver a pre-prepared engaging presentation that makes audiences sit up and listen
  • Walk away with practical and lifelong tools for effectively communicating technical content.

Communicate off-the-cuff with confidence and clarity.

Full day or half day workshop (length determined by number of participants)

  • Look and feel confident when communicating off-the-cuff.
  • Strategies for managing your nerves when put on the spot and under pressure
  • Learn frameworks for structuring succinct and clear responses in job interviews, Q&A sessions & in meetings.
  • Tips for reading the body language of others and responding appropriately.
  • Practise responding off-the-cuff and receve expert feedback
  • Become more comfortable communicating with little or no preparation time.
  • Take away a toolbox of strategies to use whenever you need to respond under pressure.
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“Taking the sting out of networking”

Full day practical workshop 

  • Manage your nerves at networking events
  • How to read the body language of others and respond appropriately
  • Strategies for approaching strangers and conversation starters
  • Creating and presenting a pitch for yourself, your organisation or your business
  • Takeaway a toolbox of strategies for connecting when you network
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